Swanpool Cygnets Hatch

May 14, 2013 § Leave a comment

The mating pair of swans at Swanpool Nature Reserve in Falmcygnets2013outh successfully hatched eight cygnets from a batch of nine eggs on Tuesday 7th May. Within 24 hours the swans and cygnets had left the nest at the northern end of the nature reserve, but by Thursday 9th May only five cygnets remained with the mating pair.

Pete Lochrie from Swanpool Forum explains:
“To have eight cygnets hatch is a huge success as this is the largest number we have had for six years. However, it is sad that three cygnets have been lost so quickly. The likelihood is that these were taken by foxes, seagulls or crows. We are hoping that all five of the remaining cygnets survive into adulthood. So we welcome people down to the nature reserve to see the cygnets, if you’d like to feed them they particularly like corn or fresh grass cuttings. ”


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